name: johan


Biokineticist – I actually worked as one for 6,5 years. It’s very useful to incorporate my knowledge into my new role as manager.

I want to be a bit bigger but the most important thing for me is health – the combination between fitness and strength is key.

I focus more on preventing injuries and having good form – you need a good program to reach your goals. Good planning is very important. You have to work on your weaknesses as well, not just your strengths.

Food is very underrated. Many people train very hard and never achieve their goals because they don’t understand the importance of nutrition.

I’d like to monitor progress. Being on time is also very important, as well as celebrating the victories.

Out with friends or my family. I love going to festivals. I like to relax at home too.

We have a wonderful team and a very positive atmosphere. All the staff are always walking around with a smile. It is a very friendly environment and I love working with a variety of different people. Everything works well – there are never issues.

name: Annéke

DESIGNATION: Spinning Instructor

Lean and in shape all year around with a  maintainable physique.

I mainly work with pre- and post-natal women. I’m a doula as well. I am passionate about sharing my training philosophy with women. (I’ve got one daughter who is 2 so I can relate with mothers.)

Both – Before I had a baby I could eat what I wanted. Now I need to eat well and train well.

Through daily interactions – my groups are small – people keep each other motivated. I motivate them by creating a comfortable and supportive environment for them.

At home or out with my husband trail running – or watching true crime.

Keto – it’s a trend that works for some people, but not everyone benefits from it.

name: Katya

DESIGNATION: Host, Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, Spinning

A chef! I love experimenting with food! I recently made black bean brownies and they were delicious.

Increasing my fitness intensity and core training, focusing on building the body from the inside out.

Start where you are – there can be so many different types of training. What works with your body? You have to listen to your body.

It goes hand in hand, you can’t out train a bad diet.

By being real and not giving idealistic expectations to them.

Core training and stabilizing. (This is usually neglected)

I love the vibe and the people. At TSG it is really about health and fitness and not just aesthetics.

name: cara


A doctor – I’m very interested in that. My parents are both in medicine. Before I was a fitness instructor I was a professional ballet dancer.

I’d love to pick up my fitness, to be able to get through the exercises without dying. Want to get the ballet body without building.

Barre is not ballet – barre is not ballet classes – it’s got a classical pilates background but it still pushes your heart rate up.

You are born with the body God gave you and you die with the body you deserve – it’s not just about the body – it’s about balance.  You have to ask yourself, are you going to be happy with what you put in your mind?

I know that it is hard – I struggle too to have balance. Especially women have to remember that your hormones will influence your workouts – this is also why I love creating a safe space…. So honestly I know that both are important. I know the right answer is “nutrition” … but the balance is important.

I instruct other instructors at Barre classes too. I try to show them what your body could look like without being mean.
I talk a lot about the mind – the mind gives up before the body.

A little bit of both – because my husband is a massive introvert. Covid also changed our relaxation behaviour, now we stay in more. 

Pep talker because I work with women – tough love doesn’t work with women, they need encouragement..

Step or running if I want to sweat – if I want to work on toning and cherry bum I will work with the tension band.

It’s amazing, I was so excited when they showed me the pictures – I finally feel like I can call a gym my office. There are always like-minded people around that I can chat to.

name: benni

DESIGNATION: Personal Trainer

Stick to the basics. Start from the bottom and work your way up.

Both,one can’t be more important than the other.

Always have a goal, keep changing things up as much as possible – involve the family or friends in your fitness goals

Boxing and getting people started.

I love watching Survivor and sport in general.

My approach depends on the person I am training, but I tend to be a Tough Lover.

At home with my children,  two boys and one girl.

The people – people make the gym. I also love the look, old school and modern at the same time. 

name: Tamryn

DESIGNATION: Yoga instructor

I would be an experimental creative chef

I would incorporate more jumping, high intensity and boxing, because yoga does not offer that. My main goal would be to do more movement in my daily life. Something where I feel strong and energised and playful. Exercise should not be a chore. 

Do what makes you feel good. Follow your body and what your body needs. Be aware of how you are feeling and honour that. Make sure you take care of your body so it can take care of you.

Food is very important. People’s relationship with food has become very disconnected. People are not using the ritual around food.

It depends on their personality. It is easier to do when you are working on one with them. I believe encouraging them to take a break when they need it and meeting them where they are at. “Find your edge”.

I’m in the gym a lot. You might find me in a random park or hiking. I love the outdoors.

HIIT session if I want to sweat, or a yoga flow to move through my whole body.

I love it… It’s a real fitness community.

The people – people make the gym. I also love the look, old school and modern at the same time. 

name: Shanika

DESIGNATION: Host and Personal Trainer

I am from SA, but we immigrated to Australia when I was 12 years old. We returned to SA in December.

Motivating people, and helping people stick with their goals.

Pushing them all the time – giving them reasons to set goals.

Out with friends. I never watch TV.

Shopping or going out with friends.

Definitely running, I hate cycling!

More pilates studios are opening up in South Africa – I’m excited to see this aimed at a younger generation.

The modern vibe – I’m used to training in a first world facility and this gym has the same type of modern vibe and cutting edge equipment.

name: LINUS

DESIGNATION: pad holder

name: Jabulani

DESIGNATION: pad holder

name: Smarty K

DESIGNATION: Group Trainer and instructor – kick step hi low and body conditioning class

Eat well first. You can’t exercise without eating well.

My energy is too much! I’m always smiling. Smiling changes everything!

Chicken – I love chicken. I can eat a full chicken.

I rest! I watch TV! These classes are killing me, I have to rest!

Both. They call me “the crazy guy”, but people don’t like it if you are strict.

I love this gym and the people. This is the best gym ever. This one is the best.

name: Janine

DESIGNATION: Spinning instructor and personal trainer


I was in law for 17 years before that – I don’t think I would have been able to do anything else than be in fitness.

I participate in the Comrades and Ironman so before Covid those events were always my goals, but now I just try to stay fit and healthy.

Just keep going, you will get the result you want eventually.

I follow up with them and communicate well. I challenge them. I try not to give them a reason to cancel.

To adjust when people are tired and to see where people are and adjusting sessions to accommodate them.

A 5 minute plank and I will do a few situps and push-ups.

I’ve always loved sports. I was only 25 years old when I ran my first Comrades Marathon.

The equipment is amazing, it’s boutique and smaller and it’s walking distance from my home.

name: pieter

DESIGNATION: HIIT, Conditioning and Boxing trainer

Long-term stress is not good for anyone, but acute stress, putting yourself through pain on purpose – is the way to build resilience. HIIT can work for anyone; there are no limitations physically, only in your mind.

HIIT Boxing Classes – I want to push you from your comfort zone – it is not about making you comfortable, it is about pushing yourself. There have been a lot of people in my classes that have not trained for a while, but you have to start somewhere.

My training deals with fear – it is important to face your fears. Training is hard but you can do it. Everybody needs to hit something every once in a while!

Don’t worry if you have not boxed before – technique will come with time

There are a few ways of looking at it – a lot of people are obsessed with how they look – they are so worried about how they look externally – the focus should not be on that. It is important to eat well, but you have to have balance. Fasting is good to have positive results, but I also love bread and potatoes!

We should move and use our bodies like children – this is why people hurt themselves. Ladies should not worry about heavier weights, it helps them to become leaner. I do a lot of body weight training, but also add in some weight training.

I think my work is not about myself and I really love people. I love to see people grow as a person and because it is so much more than a passion, it shines through when I work with clients.

I love going to dinner, and I love a good movie to catch up on sleep over the weekend. I love people and I need to recharge with people.

Sprints and pads with 30 second burpee’s at the end

Training is not just about outward physical benefit, it’s about the whole body.

Group training and community has become increasingly important after Lockdown. People are becoming very interested in getting together. People are supporting each other – I love seeing that human interaction.

From the moment you come into the gym, you feel that it is more of a passion than anything else. It is a great sense of working together.

name: Corné

DESIGNATION: Personal Trainer

name: kg

DESIGNATION: Host and personal trainer

A rugby player – I am still playing semi-professionally as well at Centurion Rugby Club and the Blue Bulls Academy.

Muscle building and maintaining and functional training.

Quality of life. Training is the best relationship you can have with yourself.

Nutrition – 70% nutrition and 30% fitness.

I focus on setting and keeping  goals – we set weekly goals and I motivate them by celebrating the small victories week-on-week.

Chicken – I love my chicken!

Out with friends or playing FIFA on the playstation at home. I love being outdoors, such as hiking.

Playing rugby or sleeping – I love sleeping…

Interval training – stretch and training. Cooling down and warming up is also very important. 

I love the functional training area and the people here are great!

name: Sarah Jane

DESIGNATION: Host and personal trainer

Don’t compare yourself with anyone.

 A balance of the two – but if I have to choose – bodies are made in the kitchen.

I keep things light hearted, I like to joke and make things not so serious so they forget about their pain

Sculpting those abs!

I would grab a skipping rope and skip for 10 minutes.

After stopping my career in dance – I wanted to continue using my body and maintaining a healthy body and mind.

name: Angela

DESIGNATION: spinning instructor and in-house nutritionist

Clients can call in or email and book a consultation with Angela to discuss their individual eating and lifestyle plans.

name: UDO


name: shane

DESIGNATION: personal trainer

Leave your ego at the door! Using motivation techniques and high energy to get the best out of my clients and showing them how to achieve their optimal selves.

Each plays an equal role in the transformation process.  You create the demand to grow in the gym, back that up with the right nutrition- Thats where the magic happens.

I make them realize that they are able to push past what they thought were their limitations.

  • Lifestyle nutrition.
  • Endurance, strength and explosive training.

HIIT- Full body dynamic exercises. Hit every muscle group as hard as I can as fast as I can. Full integration of strength and endurance non-stop.

Having a fear of being mediocre, led me to bettering myself mentally and physically. This became a passion.