name: johan

DESIGNATION: manager & biokineticist

Biokineticist – I actually worked as one for 6,5 years. It’s very useful to incorporate my knowledge into my new role as manager.

I want to be a bit bigger but the most important thing for me is health – the combination between fitness and strength is key.

I focus more on preventing injuries and having good form – you need a good program to reach your goals. Good planning is very important. You have to work on your weaknesses as well, not just your strengths.

Food is very underrated. Many people train very hard and never achieve their goals because they don’t understand the importance of nutrition.

I’d like to monitor progress. Being on time is also very important, as well as celebrating the victories.

We have a wonderful team and a very positive atmosphere. All the staff are always walking around with a smile. It is a very friendly environment and I love working with a variety of different people. Everything works well – there are never issues.

name: Nici

DESIGNATION: Hostess, Personal Trainer & Marketer

Marketing Manager – With a Bcom Degree in Marketing Managing and 3+ as a Marketing Manager, I very quickly learnt that my heart and passion lies between the weights and sweat and not in the corporate world. I still have a love and enthusiasm for marketing but adrenaline and focus lies within the gym and helping others succeed.

As I am a Wellness competitor in the bodybuilding industry, I would gain a bit more muscle to fit my criteria to the T, while still staying as lean as possible. Goal: to defend my gold champ title in my height category once again.

1. Time & weights. So many people want to look a certain way in a few weeks. But toning takes building muscle which will increase your metabolism which will help your weight-loss kick-off. 

2. Metabolism > cardio. I always prefer putting my clients on a good diet program that will increase their metabolism so that their body utilizes their fast metabolism to burn calories and not 1 hour of cardio a day.

I would use the word metabolism rather than nutrition. you can eat 2000 calories in one shot and expect great results, but in reality, it’s just going to slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain. I believe in increasing your metabolism by eating smaller meals more frequently.

Making sure they know I am proud of them for showing up. Encouraging them with words and keeping them reminded of why they started.

Muscle gain and weight loss / toning.

Spending time with my fur-baby or out with friends. I love being social.

From the moment I stepped into the gym, I have felt part of not only a team but a family. The trust and respect within the gym is impeccable and something you do not find in the corporate world. Overall, I work in the industry of my passion which is more than anyone could ever ask for.

name: tamlyn

DESIGNATION: Hostess, biokineticist & sport scientist

name: caelen


name: Jadin


name: chante’


name: UDO


name: kaylee

DESIGNATION: hostess & sport Scientist

name: kg

DESIGNATION: Host & personal trainer

A rugby player – I am still playing semi-professionally as well at Centurion Rugby Club and the Blue Bulls Academy.

Muscle building and maintaining and functional training.

Quality of life. Training is the best relationship you can have with yourself.

Nutrition – 70% nutrition and 30% fitness.

I focus on setting and keeping  goals – we set weekly goals and I motivate them by celebrating the small victories week-on-week.

Chicken – I love my chicken!

Out with friends or playing FIFA on the playstation at home. I love being outdoors, such as hiking.

Playing rugby or sleeping – I love sleeping…

Interval training – stretch and training. Cooling down and warming up is also very important. 

I love the functional training area and the people here are great!

name: Corné

DESIGNATION: Personal Trainer

name: pieter

DESIGNATION: HIIT, Conditioning & Boxing trainer

Long-term stress is not good for anyone, but acute stress, putting yourself through pain on purpose – is the way to build resilience. HIIT can work for anyone; there are no limitations physically, only in your mind.

HIIT Boxing Classes – I want to push you from your comfort zone – it is not about making you comfortable, it is about pushing yourself. There have been a lot of people in my classes that have not trained for a while, but you have to start somewhere.

My training deals with fear – it is important to face your fears. Training is hard but you can do it. Everybody needs to hit something every once in a while!

Don’t worry if you have not boxed before – technique will come with time

There are a few ways of looking at it – a lot of people are obsessed with how they look – they are so worried about how they look externally – the focus should not be on that. It is important to eat well, but you have to have balance. Fasting is good to have positive results, but I also love bread and potatoes!

We should move and use our bodies like children – this is why people hurt themselves. Ladies should not worry about heavier weights, it helps them to become leaner. I do a lot of body weight training, but also add in some weight training.

I think my work is not about myself and I really love people. I love to see people grow as a person and because it is so much more than a passion, it shines through when I work with clients.

I love going to dinner, and I love a good movie to catch up on sleep over the weekend. I love people and I need to recharge with people.

Sprints and pads with 30 second burpee’s at the end

Training is not just about outward physical benefit, it’s about the whole body.

Group training and community has become increasingly important after Lockdown. People are becoming very interested in getting together. People are supporting each other – I love seeing that human interaction.

From the moment you come into the gym, you feel that it is more of a passion than anything else. It is a great sense of working together.

name: Jabulani

DESIGNATION: pad holder

name: LINUS

DESIGNATION: pad holder

name: Sarah Jane

DESIGNATION: Barre & Pilates instructor

Don’t compare yourself with anyone.

 A balance of the two – but if I have to choose – bodies are made in the kitchen.

I keep things light hearted, I like to joke and make things not so serious so they forget about their pain

Sculpting those abs!

I would grab a skipping rope and skip for 10 minutes.

After stopping my career in dance – I wanted to continue using my body and maintaining a healthy body and mind.

name: Smarty K

DESIGNATION: Body conditioning, Shape & tone & step instructor

Eat well first. You can’t exercise without eating well.

My energy is too much! I’m always smiling. Smiling changes everything!

Chicken – I love chicken. I can eat a full chicken.

I rest! I watch TV! These classes are killing me, I have to rest!

Both. They call me “the crazy guy”, but people don’t like it if you are strict.

I love this gym and the people. This is the best gym ever. This one is the best.

name: Annéke

DESIGNATION: Spinning Instructor

name: ethan

DESIGNATION: Spinning Instructor

name: Angela

DESIGNATION: spinning instructor

name: zachi

DESIGNATION: zumba instructor