What is the most fun single-person exercise you can do?

The problem with recreational exercise is this: At some point during a tough workout, nothing is stopping your inner voice from suddenly piping up to say, “You know, you can just stop.” Oh. Right. That’s the thing: You can just stop. There isn’t a lion chasing you, forcing you to keep going. It’s just a […]

How many days a week should I go to the gym?

As we try to fit fitness into our busy lives, worrying about how much exercise we should be doing is an added stress that we don’t really need. Everyone seems to ask themselves the same question: ‘How often should I go to the gym?’.  And it’s an impossible question to ask. One that everyone seems […]

How to make physical exercise more enjoyable?

Do you view working out as an obligation or chore? Does this make you put off exercise? What if you started to associate exercise with pleasure and anticipation instead? If you’ve spent most of your life dreading working out or associating exercise with discomfort, it’s time to adjust how you think and learn how to […]